• Kayla Powers

30 Local Dye Plants

Textiles can tell so many stories about the people who made them and the time and place in which they were made. They can communicate rich and complicated narratives through the imagery and the materials and techniques used. I think about this as I’m dyeing and weaving. I want my work to tell the story of a place and a time, to highlight a season, and to reflect my values which include the preservation of traditional skills and the relationship between us and nature.

This has been the motivation behind the 30 Local Dye Plants project. I wanted to explore the colors of the seasons in this region. I have found that by knowing the plants in this city, I understand the city and its history and its present better, and am able to more clearly communicate through textiles.

This project has given me the motivation to be more organized and about the process and to really pay attention to the plant life in this urban environment. Here are some of the images from the beginning of this 30 Local Dye Plants project.

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