• Kayla Powers

Bundle Dyeing

We are in the season of abundance for natural dyeing! There are so many flowers, leaves, roots and seeds available right now for us to forage/harvest. I recently finished my six month study of local natural dye plants and I'm ready to try some new techniques. Bundle Dyeing felt like a good way to begin. I'm happy to let go of any expectations of the finished product and just enjoy the process!

For this first experiment, I am using organic cotton and raw silk. I get my cotton from Organic Cotton Plus (if you have any tips for sourcing organic cotton fabric please share!) and the raw silk is from Dharma Trading (again I'd love your tips for sourcing ethically produced/sustainable fabrics). I mordanted both of my fabrics in aluminum sulfate (from MAIWA).

Once mordanted and rinsed, I sprinkled all sorts of flower petals, leaves, seeds and berries on the fabric. The cotton was a bigger piece so I folded it in half, rolled it up on a stick and tied it tight with cotton string. The silk was a more narrow piece so I didn't fold. I prefer the look of the silk which wasn't folded but they are both so beautiful!

The plants I used are a combination of flowers from my garden and plants that I foraged from around my neighborhood including marigolds, calendula, dyer's coreopsis, sumac, aster, goldenrod and queen anne's lace.

I steamed the bundles for one hour and let them cool down before unrolling.

I really love these organic patterns and this gorgeous fall palette.

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