• Kayla Powers

Film Journal - Summer 2019

I have been very casually practicing film photography for about 10 years. In the last couple of years it has become an even more important creative outlet for me as photography has become such a part of this work. By that I meant that I take so many pictures for instagram and my website etc. using my phone, so taking the time to slow down and really see something through my film camera feels like a practice in meditation.

My studio practice lends itself so well to film photography because everything is very still and slow which allows me to spend time with the weaving, in the changing light and various stages of completion before snapping a pic. Some of my favorite photos of this bunch are the weavings on the loom.

Also included here are some photos from the two weeks I spent at Haystack Mountain School of Craft this summer. Haystack is in an incredibly beautiful part of the world, on the ocean and in the woods in rural Maine. My favorite photo of that small collection is of Doug Johnston, the fibers teacher and Mando Bee, a fellow fibers student inside of the cookie bag.

The second to last photo was taken at Belle Isle here in Detroit and the very last was one that my husband snapped while we were camping on Lake Michigan.

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