• Kayla Powers

Handwoven Top

Updated: May 30, 2019

Handwoven clothing is something that has been high on my list of projects for a while now. Part of why I got into weaving in the first place was because I loved the idea of weaving fabric. I found this Cotton Slub Yarn from Gist Yarn and it is so beautiful!! I knew I wanted to use natural dyes and luckily this cotton took the color so nicely. So here are some photos of the process with a little description about each step.

Let me know what you think or if you have questions about any of the steps!

Winding the warp.

I dyed about half of the warp. I soaked it in water before adding it to the mordant pot.

The warp, dyed and ready for the loom.

I had some trouble getting everything in the order I wanted it in but with a little extra fussing everything worked out fine.

This yarn weaves up so beautifully!! It is just slubby enough to create a really interesting texture without being distracting.

I cut the fabric off the loom and washed it in warm water and then dried it. It shrunk quite a bit, which I had planned for. I chose a really simple boxy shape for the top as my sewing skills are very minimal.

Here you can see my hand sewing. Just a simple running stitch with a finer cotton yarn.

I need to make a small adjustment to the sleeves. But it turned out really cute!

It feels so good to wear something that I made! And it really wasn't nearly as hard or time consuming as I thought it might be.

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