COREOPSIS 2 Local Color Tapestry

COREOPSIS 2 Local Color Tapestry


This naturally dyed, handwoven tapestry is one of the twelve textiles created for the place based art installation, "Local Color". Each tapestry was dyed with plants that were locally grown or locally foraged and represents the abundance of the natural world. 


The tapestries were mounted on a wooden frame and hung outside on The Dequindre Cut for the entire month of September. They have been altered by the weather - softened by the wind and the rain. Each piece is an artifact of the installation. A one-of-a-kind work of art. 


Each piece will come with a wooden header, made from the wood used to mount them during the installation. They are pre-drilled and come with the hardware to hang them in your home. 



27" x 80"






**The color of natural dyes is difficult to convey on a screen. I tried to show the tapestry in a variety of lighting. If you would like additional photos of the tapestry to get a better idea of the color, please be in touch.**


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