Natural Dye Journal

Natural Dye Journal


These Natural Dye Journals are made up of recycled pages, a screen printed cover, an entire page of recipes and process notes, a big coil so that they can grow as you fill them up, and space for your observational drawings on each page. 


They are a collaborative project by Salt Textile Studios and Art Problems Studio.


Keeping a record of your experiments in natural dyeing is such an important (and beautiful) part of this practice. I keep track of the date and location of foraged plants, the process I used to extract color, the fiber praparation techniques, and a little drawing of the dye materials. This information, paired with samples of fabric and yarn is so helpful when it comes to planning projects.


Journaling is a way of being present and intentional in this work and understanding the process more deeply. 


Natural Dye Journals are 8.5 x 11" and have 21 spreads for entries (each spread includes two pages). 

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