grid quilt

grid quilt


This quilt was my first project of the new year and I'm finally ready to part with it. It was dyed with plants and is made of all natural fabrics (cotton, linen, and raw silk). It has cotton loops sewn onto the back so it can hang on the wall but it could also be used outdoors for a picnic, on the end of your bed, as a little blanket, or a play area for your kiddo. 


The dyes include indigo, marigold, madder root, hopi black dye sunflowers, coreopsis, avocado, purple pin cushion, and osage orange.


Quilting is a real labor of love and requires hours and hours of handwork. This is a distinctly handmade object with wavy lines and organic texture. I so enjoyed making this and I look forward to it moving on to a new home. 


It is 58 x 39" 


If you have any questions or want to see other photos/video please let me know!

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