Natural Dyeing - PLANT FIBERS

Natural Dyeing - PLANT FIBERS


Natural Dyeing - PLANT FIBERS is a two day workshop that takes place on ZOOM. We will meet Saturday April 10th from 12-2pm EST and Sunday April 11th from 12-2pm EST. 


We will work with common household items to create a range of colors on natural, plant based fibers and fabrics. This is an inherently sustainable and non-toxic art form that is well suited for home practice. 


When you sign up you will be emailed a list of materials and equipment that you will need to purchase for class. 


Class size will be limited to create an intimate learning experience. 

All are welcome. No prior experience is required!


*I never want money to be the reason that someone can't participate, so if this is a barrier for you, please be in touch and we can work something out.*

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