New Rug


Another naturally dyed, handwoven rug! I'm so into weaving rugs lately (and it doesn't hurt that there is *nothing* else to do). I used wetspun linen for the warp which is so strong and a really beautiful natural fiber. The weft is all wool, some of which is naturally dyed with plants including indigo, marigolds and avocado seeds. The rest of the wool in undyed. 


Like all of my work, I'm aiming to create something simple, and beautiful that will make your home feel just a little bit cozier. We all happen to be spending every last minute at home these days and I find that textiles can really make a space more comfortable. 


This piece is 29 inches wide by 43 inches long. It would be great infront of your kitchen sink, in front of your couch or even on your bed! I also think special rugs make great meditation mats. 


The colors are black, grey, blue, sage green, white and pale pink. It is neutral enough that it can fit in anywhere and is one-of-a-kind!

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