Summer 2020 - Grid Weaving

Summer 2020 - Grid Weaving


The colors in this piece were created using plants foraged from and cultivated in Detroit between July and August 2020, making this is very unique snapshot of a time and place.


It was handwoven on a floor loom using a wetspun linen warp and Michigan milled wool weft. The grid design is a choice to give each color it's own space and to appreciate the individual within the whole. 


The weaving is handsewn onto cotton and stretched over a frame.


Dye plants include: madder root, indigo, marigold, black eyed susans, willow bark, black walnuts, alder cones, coreopsis, sunflower seeds and sumac.


Size: 20 x 21" 


**This weaving will be on display at the Designer's Show House until October 4th but will be available after that.**

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